Animated, Interactive & Flash Content

Sometimes we need that extra impact or resource to get our message across. Or we may need some engaging form of interaction to get feedback from our audience.

There are various ways, means and technologies to achieve that through utilising the latest technologies available to us.

Flash is one of the most widely used technologies, and below are some examples of this in action.

Example 1 - Care4Most

This example was actually a prototype produced for a fledgling charity organisation. The purpose of it was to obtain statistical feedback on the categories of charities participants supported. The prototype was produced for 2 reasons:

  1. To demonstrate to potential sponsors the concept of how the programme would work
  2. To demonstrate the principle to a software development company that had agreed to produce the backend database facility to match with this front-end functionality
Care4Most Example

Example 2 - Juke Box

Having produced a website for a Soundscaping company they needed a bespoke jukebox to play samples of their work. This we did in Flash - Soundscape-Media

Example 3 - Digital "Printed" Brochures

While printed brochures are often the ideal way to information to your audience sometimes they want to see it NOW. One way to do this is through the medium of Digital Brochures.

A sample of an animated online brochure is shown below. Click on the corners of the page to turn the pages.