Images (Engaging the Audience)

We have all heard the proverbs:
  • Every picture tells a story, and
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, they are both true, particularly in the early stages of connecting with an audience or an individual.
The visual process is all important at this stage.

We are attracted by something that swiss replica watches catches our eye – something that we initially register as a potential match to our own ideals. That first glance gives us a rapid, comparative check as to the perceived relevance of what we see to our own wants, needs and desires.

From this glance, this first impression, a snap judgement is born as to whether we wish to find out more, to investigate as to whether the qualities of what we have seen are rolex uk genuine, and truly match up to our own needs and/or aspirations. To determine what they can do for us. This judgement being made on such qualities as:

  • Image - Look/Style/Class
  • Attitude
  • Energy
  • Dress
  • Posture/Composure
  • Demeanour
  • Individuality
  • Exclusivity
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Value for Money

Whether a person, product or service - car, house, furniture, jewellery, artwork, etc. - all apply.

Finding that defining picture to illustrate your point succinctly and effectively for your website, presentation of brochure is not easy.

We can either source that picture for you through our connections with picture libraries * or, from March 2015 when our new studios will be completed, we can take that picture for you. Contact us us to discuss your requirements.

* We wrote the picture management software (Trax) for FLPA, a major wildlife picture library


A client's tabla collection. The client spent six months studying tabla under a master in the mountains of India. This picture was lit to highlight the quality and texture of each piece.

Spring Strings

The headline in the newspaper says: "Outward appearances belie abnormal reality" which seems appropriate for this picture.

Whether we have a problem to solve, or things we dream of, desire and aspire to, in each case we formulate in our mind’s eye images and impressions that represent those dreams, aspirations and solutions to our problems. For we are constantly seeking to improve our quality of life and that key element of motivation – respect.

The images and impressions we hold in our fake watches mind’s eye are mostly derived from our own experiences, preferences and beliefs, and what we see may be something that either matches that image or impression, or inspires us to think differently. But it is that initial comparison to our own mental representation that makes it instantly recognisable, standing out from the crowd. If we perceive that it has credence and relevance to us, to our aims, objectives and quality of life, and is able to elevate that key element of motivation – respect – it is a winner, our curiosity is piqued and we are driven to find out more.

  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Design
  • Image/Style
  • Straplines

At this stage we aim for maximum impact with minimum content, providing a clear, uncluttered message congruent with the context of the situation. Following the golden rule: Clutter Clouds Clarity.