We don't just do websites, we also write full programmes for both Desktop and Server.

At Tallowin we cut our teeth on "C" programming long before the Internet was born (or at least became publicly available), and indeed long before graphical user interfaces such as Windows became available.

One of the first major projects we undertook in the late 1980s was to write a full manufacturing suite comprising of:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Works Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Bills Of Material
  • ... and many more

Other early programmes included VAT Intrastat reporting when that was introduced by HMRC (then just Customs & Excise). One of our first Windows programmes was a Pension Analysis package to resolve issues for a company migrating from one pension scheme to another.

In 1999 to prepare for the "Millennium Bug" we wrote a new Windows software package (Trax) for a major Picture Library to replace the DOS system they had which was not thought to be "millenium" compliant. This package has been successfully running since then and was recently upgraded and rewritten in .NET to run on the Microsoft SQL Server database.

Another example of a full business management package was one written for an award winning Florist. This managed all of their orders and complete workflow through to delivery.

Automated Server Side Programmes

Since 2005 we have written a number of server side automated programmes for a client running a large number of websites. These automate the management processes include facilities such as domain regsitration, statistical analysis, security monitoring.

We now specialise in C# .net programmes and SQL Server databases, from small utilities to large projects, and we welcome your enquiry to discuss your system requirements