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Audio for Video, Presentations, Instructional/Training CDs and Downloads

Whilst the world is becoming more visually oriented through Film, Television & Video we are actually more discerning when it comes to the quality of the associated audio than we are with the visual quality. We are more tolerant and forgiving of what we see than what we hear. Therefore when producing such content it is very important to maximise the quality of the audio. This is the reason that studios for Music and Film production spend so much time, effort and money on producing top quality sound.

At Tallowin we have the facilities to provide our clients with top quality audio for their videos, presentations and training content, whether online or for CD/DVD.

Audio Mastering

In addition we provide a Mastering Service - preparing the complete package for CD Replication or Duplication. We can provide content either on a CD Master or as a DDP Image

Audio Repair

Another service we offer is Audio Repair. If you have an audio track which needs “cleaning up”, we have a full suite of tools to carry out “audio repairs” on most material. Below are two examples of such work.

The first is an extract from audio CD. This CD was available as an accompaniment to a training workshop for psychotherapists. The content required concentrated listening but contained an audible and annoying background hum which was introduced in the original recording by the studio that recorded it. We took the CD, copied it, reprocessed it to completely remove the hum, re-mastered it, added copyright metadata to properly protect the content, re-laid out the artwork and arranged duplication of the final product. The client ended up with a more professionally sounding and packaged product. Samples of before and after are provided below.



The second example was for a private individual who had an old scratched vinyl album they wanted cleaned up and put onto CD. We digitally recorded the music from the vinyl album, re-processed it to remove the clicks, crackles and pops and provided them a clean copy on CD. (Note that we only provide this type of service on the strict basis that it is for personal use only, unless they have the requisite permissions to do otherwise).



Whatever your Audio requirements, we have a solution. Contact us to find out how we can help you.