Presentations and Public Speaking, something that many of us have to do at one time or another, and something most people dread.

Preparation and practice are two of the keys to us giving a good performance, but we can elevate that performance to something that not only the audience enjoys receiving, but that we also enjoy giving. We can do that by using technology to our advantage.

Don't commit "Death by Bullet"! We can create a dynamic Powerpoint Presentation that will not only provide meaningful support to your verbal presentation but will fully engagement your audience allowing them to remember much more of it afterwards.

Presentation Tips:

  • Avoid bullet points as much as possible
  • Slides should be used to RE-INFORCE what you are saying, not BE what you are saying
  • Pictures/Images make your information memorable

Slide ideas from Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds, adapted from Brain Rules by Dr John Medina